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The personnel department is mainly in charge of the affairs of the organization formulation, examination distribution, appointment/dismissal and transfer, civil service human resource plan, performance rating, award and penalty, guarantee, service, attendance, training and education, salary and welfare, retirement pension, cultural and recreational activities etc. of this Government and agencies and schools thereof. At the same time, this department also promotes the human resource management mechanism driven by construction ability according to the characteristic of the organization of this Government and the business needs thereof in order to collaboratively integrate the measures of “building a health environment to employees physically and mentally”, “learning type of government” and “personnel service digitalization” etc., guiding the staff to develop positive and qualitied value perspective.
This department and the personnel and staff thereof uphold the proactive service spirit, focus on the service notion of “customer oriented” and the core values of “integrity”, “professional”, “efficiency” and “care” as the fundamental of the service. Under the administrative concept of “novel, fast, solid and simple” of the mayor, with the establishment of horizontal communication network at the internal of the municipal team through management service seminars etc. and together with the personnel policy executed through various human resource management measures, the efficiency of the personnel service is increased in order to achieve the municipal objective. Under the premise of administrative actions according to the law, the staff of this department acts in due care for responsible tasks, maintains legitimate rights of the staff and establishes harmonious personal relationships. By strengthening professional knowledge training and service attitude, the policy planning and execution skills of the municipal team members are increased in order to provide excellent service quality to enhance the mechanism and energy of the municipal team in light of creating a highly efficient administrative team.
The department of personnel of the Hsinchu City Government establishes the following three sections based on three main affairs and duties respectively: organization appointment and dismissal, attendance and training, as well as retirement and pension divisions, as shown in the table below.
Table of Service Duties of Personnel Department of Hsinchu City Government
Appointing and Dismissal Section In charge of affairs of organization formulation, examination distribution, appointment/dismissal and transfer, teacher salary and personnel staff management etc.
Appraisal and Training Section In charge of personnel affairs of performance evaluation, award and penalty, guarantee, service, attendance, travel abroad, training and education etc.
Retirement and pension section In charge of affairs of salary, welfare, insurance, retirement, pension, personnel information and personnel data management etc.

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